Unable to Put Solar Panels on Your Roof?

Solar ground mounts are a viable option in Arlington & San Antonio, TX

If you are unable to install solar panels on the roof of your building because of space or orientation issues, ground-mounted solar panels are an option. Solar ground mounts enable you to optimize the Southern orientation of the panels in the ideal tilt in order to get the maximum amount of sunlight each day. Learn more about solar ground mounts by contacting Kosmos Solar in the Arlington & San Antonio, TX area.

3 advantages of solar ground mounts

3 advantages of solar ground mounts

Although roof solar panels are far more common when it comes to solar energy, ground mounts can be an ideal alternative. There are a variety of benefits to using solar ground mounts, including:

  1. The ability to install a larger system on more land to maximize your energy potential
  2. The ability to maximize your energy generation by making sure the panels are facing the correct direction
  3. The ability to set up solar panels in the sunniest areas of your property
You also won’t have to worry about making changes to your roof or what to do when you need to replace your shingles down the road. Call 214-699-7644 today to get an estimate on solar ground mount installation.